Three Sided Whole has a live in Gaurdian now

topic posted Thu, April 17, 2008 - 2:23 PM by  Jhal
This is just a shout out to the 3SW tribe letting everyone know that there is now a full time, live-in Guardian on the land. The lead caretakers/organizers have asked me to do a few things in this roll and to help them bring fourth the Shift that we all can feel coming. I will be keeping a log book of all visitors ( both members and guests ) and gently but firmly representing the rules and respects due. The Whole has known many shapes, from private land, to party zone, to Burner Haven, to private club,..... then slowly but beautiful....back to Mothers Womb. The Three Sided is experiencing the Awakening with us, but she cannot shape herself without our love and hands as her tools.
Mathew, Bruce and I ( and anyone else that would love to help ) are working on a priority list of tasks that desperately need to be done so that the space can truly become a welcoming ground to those that we wish to bring with us into the next phase of our shared awareness. The changes/improvments will also make it a safer, cleaner, and above all, pure.....restored as best we can to the natural shape and beauty of this sacred ground. There are many dreams for this land, and a lot of people within its heart that have put their time and life into seeing those dreams bloom. But nothing will grow without the consistent rain of our hands, and the sunlight of our love. Shine with me sister, and brother, come join me with your hands and back. Let us shape our Sanctuary with Her guidance so that it can be our place of Departure, and more beautiful for our touch......
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    Wed, April 23, 2008 - 10:17 AM
    This is GREAT news for the WHole and all who love it! We have long needed somebody responsible out there regularly to make sure our Sacred Space is honored and protected! Besides keeping track of which members are on the land and what they intend to do there, we need our Caretaker(s) to support our Leave No Trace policy through example and by making sure all peeps coming to the land know they're expected to take out what they bring in and clean up their mess before they leave.

    It was most disheartening for those of us who came out for the first April Work-Party to find the typical plastic bags in the cactus, paper blowing around, 100% dirty dishes and counter spaces, etc. But I went out yesterday to visit with Jhal about work priorities, and didn't see any of that sort of thing, except for the dirty dishes (which the Work-Party did NOT wash - we were busy doing roof work and stage re-building).

    Instead of cleaning up, we were able to get a good start on our next Big Project: the Art Barn Liberation. Imagine the Art Barn as... well, an actual Art Barn! Yes, we're finally going to release the Art Barn from its burden of housing all our misc crap that shouldn't get rained on. And simultaneously we're gonna move all the outside storage crap to a new shed-shelf structure, hopefully, to be built this coming Work-Party Weekend.

    The new shed for storing our building and art materials where they will be protected from rain will be nowhere near the Main Gate or the Community Kitchen/Skyplex area where it all now lives. We envision that lower area will become a very nice walkable and campsite-friendly space this season, and someday, a garden spot!

    Please come out to this weekend's (April 26-27) Work-Party, meet Jhal and the good peeps who do site maintenance and event prep, and enjoy the feeling of co-creating something better!

    DPW Lead, 3SidedWhole Membership Community

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